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Introducing "NoLag - Properties System" for FiveM

Welcome to the ultimate property management solution for your server. NoLag - Properties System is a versatile and feature-packed script that elevates your gaming experience, providing a multitude of options to manage and customize properties seamlessly.

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Script Features:

  • MLO Compatibility: Create properties on MLOs with features like inventory, garage, wardrobe, and furniture placement. The script ensures seamless integration with your MLOs.

  • Shells Function: Configuring shells is simple, allowing you to furnish them with inventory, wardrobe, and garage options. Furniture can be placed both inside and outside.

  • IPL Function: Customize IPLs using GTA's native IPL system. Edit the names of business IPLs, change apartment themes (colors), and more.

  • Building System: Supports IPL and Shell properties, enabling multiple properties at the same location for diverse living options.

  • Rental system: Enables property rental options.

  • Target System Support: Compatible with ox_target, which can be replaced with a drawtext option. Includes various popular options for garages, inventory, clothes, and weather scripts.

  • Job Configuration: Designed for the real estate job by default but easily configurable for any role.

  • Language Support: Currently supports English, with plans to add more languages. Community help with translations is appreciated.

  • Framework Compatibility: Compatible with ESX, Qbox, QBCore, and custom frameworks. Easily customizable to fit your server needs.

  • Admin Menu: Includes an option to set a waypoint and delete a property, with an edit button coming soon - /allproperties.

  • Door Lock: Includes a door lock feature for property owners, enhancing security.

  • Police Raid Option: Adds a dynamic police raid feature for role-playing scenarios.

  • New UI: Completely redesigned UI for property management, interaction, buildings, and furniture.

  • Improved Furniture Handling.

  • Developer Exports: Added exports for use in other resources.

  • Keyholder Permissions: Allows setting keyholder permissions.

  • Interactable Points: New interactable points with prop interactions for storage, wardrobes, etc.

  • Offset Finder: Added in the resource for better customization.

  • Allows configuration of the maximum number of properties per player.

  • Improved Doorbell Sound: Uses native audio for doorbell sounds instead of interact-sound.

Support and Collaboration

We are committed to continuously improving our script. We value and encourage feedback, suggestions, and contributions from the community.


  • oxmysql
  • ox_lib
  • bob74_ipl

Properties System

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Properties System

60.00 EUR

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